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Graphics were good but.....

this isn't really funny. I mean sure it was perfectly animated, and crap, but how did this get into funny cartoons. y do i bother. you dont answer these things anyway.

Go AFD!!!

Ive been watching the AFD sereies grow, and I was reading the forums, and i must say very well made. $ was awesome, and this is onyl sighlty worse. Congrats on all the artits who submitted, and Logo, Good Job on putting it all together, and great ideas since #1!
(For some reasen i can't vote but i would give it a 5!) ps- Whats happign with AFD5? Anmyway grwt job can't wait for more.! (HEntia thing was funny, y wasnt it in 4.0?) pyro111

MACception responds:

"The AFD group is getting better than ever. :D Logo did a awesome job mixing and leading this group into battle. He has served as a awesome critic for me and has helped every member in every way he could. If you didn't hear he IS leaving us at the AFD Crew and it will be taken over by Neo Pikachu. But not to worry, because he will still hang around his forums and piss us off a little. What a great guy. :D We got big plans for AFD5. Look forward to something great and ass kicking."

-Tripping Metal

Lol...dude...it's all good, i loved this animation as much as AFD4...so...it's not like it's a bastard child or nothin'.


One of the first review

whoo random natzi eating a muffin!!!! *coughs* yeah it was funny. needs a replay button. hope this doesnt get blammed! -pyro111-

NewEvolution responds:

Um...there's kinda more to it than just a Nazi eating a muffin...but yeah.

I debated the replay button, but then you'd not be stuck staring at a crazed nazi caricature while GoreBastard's This is Fucking Grindcore repeats 20 times. That's half the battle right there.

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Ok, but gets too hard.

Plus, the "physics" script is so so very simple
onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
_x+= (_x-_root._xmouse)/5;
_y+= (_y-_root._ymouse)/5;

All you need to do is change the 5. Other than the lack of physics, and the borrowed code, its ok.

Numenos responds:

i am afraid the physics script is nowhere near a simple as that, try 20-30 lines or so. that code doesn't even have an inertia count

i didn't "borrow" the code, i followed one of the tutorials in the external link of the as: main segment of elasticity, i didn't copy and paste anything, it was a good learning experience. i suppose it could be considered borrowing though, depending on how you look at it.

thanks for your review however!


This finally came out after 2 months of work!

Great job Dep, great idea, and you came through, never gave up on the
project, and worked your ass off. Just great job, nice idea, and well done.

Depredation responds:

Thanks pyro :). Great review, almost a perfect review score so far :O. Thanks for taking part, you deserved Co :).

Great game but....

The only thing that was weird is that you could see your opponents cards. I dont think you even had a hand.

Aside from that it was very well done, scripting this must have been fun. Once again you show everyone up with a very well scripted game.

Cant wait for the next game that you make. *cough* RPG or online multiplayer *cough*

Denvish responds:

Yeah, I really must start playing around with XML and PHP/ASP comm... I dunno how well my main ASP domain would handle multiple players, but it's the way forward and something I need to try out. It's just finding the time to develop game engines that's tricky.

Oh yeah, and you don't have 'a hand', you have the pick of six :)

Thanks for the review

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